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Navana CNG started as the first government approved CNG cylinder re-testing centre in Bangladesh in private sector. According to the recommendation of cylinder manufacturer, cylinder re-testing is required in every five years from cylinder manufacturing date to ensure 100% safety of using CNG cylinder. Navana CNG cylinder re-testing centre is equipped with the most modern and computerized machines which is supplied and supported by world renowned company AirBlast, Argentina. Most of the engineers and technicians of Navana CNG Limited are skilled and well trained by Air Blast,Argentina,who are working in this re-testing centre.


Why CNG Cylinder re-testing is required?

  • To ensure 100 % safety of using CNG cylinder.

When Cylinder re-testing is required?

  • After every 5 years from the date of manufacturing.

Find your cylinder manufacturing date on cylinder neck side:   Sample Image

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Our Strengths:

  • Government approved first CNG Cylinder re-testing centre in private sector.
  • Certified, Skilled & well trained Engineers and Technicians..
  • Cylinder wall thickness is measured by Ultrasonic Thickness Tester.
  • Test mark sign is used after testing the fitness of the cylinder.
  • Testing procedures are maintained according to ISO 11439:2000 and BS 5430 standard.
  • We follow up Gas cylinder rules 1991 and CNG cylinder rules 2005, Govt. of Bangladesh.


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